Explore The Incredible Madhya Pradesh Tours And Make Your Trip Enjoyable

Madhya Pradesh packs amazing tourist destinations like Khajuraho, Mandu and innumerable forts and temples that dot the state.

Eternal appeal of Khajuraho

The magnificent temples of Khajuraho are a testimony to the architectural wonders of India. The temples of Khajuraho are famous for their intricate and erotic carvings. The symmetry and design has immense aesthetic appeal. For ages Khajuraho has attracted tourists from all over the globe. The temples are divided into three groups- eastern, western and southern. The stone sculptures that depict different aspects of human lifestyle are Madhya Pradesh’s gift to the world of art.

Madhya Pradesh Tourism

Your trip to Khajuraho can be made more memorable by including visits to the Panna National Park. Wildlife tour lovers can enjoy watching wildlife at this eclectic location.

Khajuraho dance festival which is held during the months of February and March are a must visit to witness traditional dance forms of India.

Tour packages are available which cover the highlights of Madhya Pradesh. You can avail of these packaged tours or book your own flights and get hotel reservations. Tourism is a highly developed sector in Madhya Pradesh and you will find plenty of hotels to stay there during your tour.

The unforgettable Mandu

Saga of royal love and longing still resonates in the air of Mandu. The history of this city dates back to 11th century. Mandu still retains the old world charm where heritage and culture has mingled to give it a distinctive feel. The rich natural resources also appeal to the heritage tourists who flock to this city every year from all parts of the world.

Pilgrimage in Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh is noted for its pilgrim tours. Sanchi occupies a special place in history as a renowned Buddhist centre. The stupas, temples and monuments dating back to 3rd century BC have huge archeological importance.

The magnificent Shiva temple of Bhoipur is a legendary architectural site. There are several cities in Madhya Pradesh which are significant pilgrimage centers like Ujjain, Maheshwar, Amarkantak, Omkareshwar and Hoshangabad, just to name a few.

The architectural wonders of this state culminate at the various forts and monuments that are found across the state. Orchha is a must visit to witness medieval architecture.

Madhya Pradesh provides the rare opportunity to observe both modern and ancient India in its full glory. There are a wide array of tour plans to choose from. You can embark on wildlife tours, temple tours, tribal tours and heritage tours that touch different aspects of this lively state.

From its cuisine to handicrafts and textile, the state is unique and can mesmerize you with its treasures. The land of rugged mountains will fascinate you with its beautiful temples and glorious forts. Select the right vacation tour package that will make your tour of Madhya Pradesh truly memorable. if you want to visit Madhya Pradesh to see all Popular Places To Visit in Madhya Pradesh Click on Link in Blue Color