Seven editions of Windows 10

Although we still do not have a fixed date for the launch of the new Microsoft operating system – there is talk of its arrival in the month of July – the details about it continue to unravel, and in Redmond, they have revealed today the different editions of launching window 11 download that will be available in 2021 as report says when this development comes to light nobody finally knows.

At Microsoft, they have highlighted that they are underway to launch it this summer and affect this new orientation of Windows 10 as a service that is only the first milestone of a new generation of Microsoft operating systems. One more fact: 3.9 million people are already Insiders and are evaluating the preliminary editions of Windows 10 that Microsoft has been publishing.

Windows 10


Windows 10 editions uncovered

  • Windows 10 Home: It is the version that will be included in the majority of desktop PCs and laptops that are sold, and in it will be protagonists such as the Microsoft Edge browser, the Windows Hello face recognition and, of course, the universal applications.
  • Windows 10 Pro: It will be the equivalent of Windows 8 Pro, and it will allow business positions and teams to connect to servers highly oriented to these scenarios, in addition to having access to the Windows Update for Business program .
  • Windows 10 Mobile: It will be the successor to Windows Phone and will include new versions of Office optimized for that touch interface and that striking and promising feature that we recently met, Continuum for Phones , which will allow our smartphone to become a desktop PC once let’s connect it to a monitor, mouse and keyboard. This version will be available for both mobile phones and small-format tablets (less than 8 inches diagonal) and will maintain an interface that broadly will be identical in its visual finish to what we now have on Windows Phone devices.
  • Windows 10 Mobile Enterprise: Designed for large companies, this special edition will allow you to license the operating system on all business smartphones and tablets and also enjoy “flexible ways for companies to manage updates”, and Microsoft promise that these editions They will integrate security patches and innovation enhancements as soon as they are available.
  • Windows 10 Enterprise: This edition is based on Windows 10 Pro but adds features intended for use in large deployments. As in the case of the mobile edition for companies, Microsoft officials point out that in this edition there will be access to security updates and improvements faster than in other editions.
  • Windows 10 Education: Derived from the previous one, this edition is aimed at educational and academic entities in which there are special requirements for staff, administrators, teachers and students. There will be a special volume licensing program for these scenarios in which students who want to go from their Windows 10 Home and Pro licenses to a window 12 download can also do it easily.
  • Windows 10 IoT Core: This edition of which hardly any details are given will allow to install a cut edition of Windows 10 in devices of low cost and with much more modest features. They talk about devices like gateways, but we only think of one example: the Raspberry Pi 2.

Windows 10 Home

Microsoft has highlighted the fact that Windows 10 Home, Windows 10 Mobile and Windows 10 Pro will be free updates for users who have devices and computers with valid licenses for Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 during the first year of availability the operating system.

There are some doubts about the version that will integrate the Xbox One, for example – they mention it together with HoloLens or SurfaceHub, but without giving more data – and curiously they tell us that Windows 10 will also be installed on much more mundane devices such as ATMs or elevators. It is clear that the ambition of the Redmond has been renewed.