Where should I sell my things? eBay Vs. Craigslist

So you’ve unpacked a shiny new iPad (or laptop, camera or other gadget) and it’s time to get rid of the old one. Why not make a few bucks in this process?

Here’s the problem: there are so many places to sell your stuff online! Most people know that each store has its own advantages and disadvantages, but did you know that some sites may be better for some items than others? Or that some get big discounts on your profit? Here’s everything you need to know about selling your stuff on eBay, chicago Craigslist and Amazon.


Note: Unlike many guides on the web, this guide is for the average person trying to download a few random items – not people who live in eBay or Amazon stores. Remember as you read.

eBay: Good for rare, broken electronics and spare parts

eBay may be almost synonymous with “selling products online,” but its reputation – especially with sellers – isn’t that great. Let’s start with the disadvantages of eBay, because there are many and they often complain.

First, eBay gets you a 10% discount on your sale, which – for high-priced items like laptops and tablets – means you could lose $ 50-100 (or more!) When you buy it. It’s not great, especially when some sites don’t charge. If in doubt, compare the average selling price for an item on eBay with the average selling price elsewhere – even if the eBay selling price is higher, make sure you get involved in the 10% fee before you determine which site will make you the most money on the net.

Here’s another downside: eBay is notoriously bad at protecting its sellers. This is good if you’re a buyer and want to avoid being exempt, but sellers can be exempted too – and eBay will often take the scammer’s side.

eBay can be useful, though, even if you end up selling elsewhere. eBay is the only site that allows you to filter your search by “items sold” so you can see what items sold because not only what someone is asking for.) Even if you have finished selling on another site, eBay can help determine what people consider a fair price for your item. Better deals on craigslist site find here https://craigslistchicagoo.com/

In addition, eBay is very popular with geeks and DIYers, so if you’re selling spare parts from a technical project – or you have a broken item that you want to sell “for parts” – eBay is actually a great place to does this thing. I sold a pair of broken speakers, a broken video card and a broken iPad on eBay with great success. You won’t get a lot of money for them, but hey, money is money – and $ 50 for a dead video card is better than $ 0 for throwing it in the trash.

Finally, eBay is pretty decent for rare collections because it has the largest audience of sellers and buyers of such things. If you want the most eye on your stuff, eBay is the place to go.

Craigslist: Ideal for very popular items and hard to deliver items

Selling on Craigslist may seem like a shady deal behind alcohol if you’ve never used it, but it has some distinct advantages. First of all, it is the only place to easily sell things like hard-to-carry furniture. But it’s also good for smaller things – especially items with big brand names that are constantly in demand (Apple computers, Beats headphones, Xboxes and PlayStations, etc.). You won’t be as lucky as buying less obscure products (such as a pair of high-quality, audiophile headphones) because you’re limited to a much smaller local market, but if you have a retail item great, craigslist doesn’t charge and doesn’t require shipping. Just a quick change and you have money in your pocket.

Of course also, san diego Craigslist continues to be a hassle. As soon as you list an item, you are almost guaranteed to get the attention of a scammer or two, but they are easy to ignore if you know what they look like. Second, be prepared for a lowball couple’s offer before you get a decent one – and even then, they’ll probably try to talk you about the price, so leave it a little higher than you want to sell it. Almost everyone I approached on Craigslist was pleasant and normal, although their text messages are often read as a hostage negotiation with someone who can’t write. So be prepared to do some quirks.

Keep in mind that Craigslist, being local, may not be as popular where you are – for example, Canadians may be more fortunate with Kijiji. Check if classified sites are more popular in your location.